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Aluminium tile trim suppliers

Anamta Tiles Trim

Tile trim in uae
Tile trim in uae
Tile trim in uae
Aluminium tile trim suppliers
Aluminium tile trim suppliers
Aluminium tile trim suppliers
Stunning Finishing
Where : Every Nook & Corner of Tiles World
Length & Thickness : Your choice
Professional finish and Safety
Materials : Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminium / PVC
Protect Tile External Corners
Covers rough and sharp edges
Enhance tile appearance at seamless joints
Improves grip between the tiles
Chamfering can be avoided


Applications: Kitchen, Bathroom,Halls, Living Areas, Corridors, class rooms, offices and every nook & corner of tiles world

Get Premium Quality Tile Trims for Your Interiors

What do you cherish the most? The big picture or the finest details? Most probably the latter. That's how you're here! Give your tile installation the finishing it deserves. Reach out to us for quality tile trims and make your interiors look better in no time.

Being among the top Aluminium tile trim suppliers in the UAE, we can help you come up with those perfect small details in your floors and walls. Let us know your exact needs and we'll work on this together.

They're more than just appearance

Tile trims add beauty to your interiors, elevating the aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. They improve the overall appearance in the form of subtle details. That's one truth. More than that, they also play an essential role in ensuring the longevity of your tiles. They protect the tile adges against potential damages by relaxing the edges where tiles meet.

Let's connect to discuss your needs

The very foundation of Anamta is offering the best possible products and services to its clients. That's what makes us the best in the industry. Let's connect for a meeting where we can discuss your needs in detail. That's how we will be able to come up with the most suitable recommendations and solutions for your perfect interiors.

If you're looking for END trims in the UAE, reach out to us at +971 58 199 30 40 for a free quote or write to us at bd@anamtallc.com.

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