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Get the premium quality Stauff products at Anamta Internationals LLC FZ

Are you looking for the best quality Stauff products for providing most suitable assistance to curb the vibration & noise in the system? Then Anamta Internationals LLC FZ is the right choice. You will get premium quality stauff devices to give a nice grip and support to various mechanical parts. You know when the liquid is passed in pipes with pressure it creates a weird sound and vibrates, so, to stop this there are a series of Stauff products are available.

You know they are commonly used to provide stability to pipes, hoses etc. and aid the smooth functioning of hydraulics. So, if you want a quality stauff series then look for us.

Standard quality Stauff clamp

We provide the top-quality stauff clamp. It's our vision to give premium quality products to our customers. Our excellent quality of products wins' customers' confidences, and they are always looking towards us.

Deals in varieties of Stauff products

Anamta deals in varieties of Made in Germany Stauff and also a series of Stauff products. Our high-quality products are durable, ease your work and also ensure the safe installation of pipes, hoses etc.

About Stauff

Stauff is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and fluid power port to port solution. Comprehensive products range, with thousands of standard components and numerous special solutions are our specialty. Stauff products such as pipe clamps, hose clamps, tube fittings, hydraulic flanges, hose connectors, quick release couplings, ball valves and test couplings as well as hydraulic filters, filter elements, pressure gauges, measuring devices, level indicators and other accessories for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications are readily available.

Stauff and Technology

Stauff is a German manufacturer since 50 years and confident in various technologies, e.g. Connection Technology, Fastening Technology, Shut-off and Control Technology, Measuring and Analysis Technology, Filtration Technology and Hydraulic Accessories Technology.

Stauff and Areas of Expertise

Stauff has solutions for each industry, for example, Vehicles and Machines, Industrial applications, Marine Applications, Oil and Gas, Construction Industry etc.

Stauff in Dubai, UAE

Stauff products are available in Dubai.

Quality products

Anamta Internationals LLC FZ never compromises with quality. We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and provide excellent quality products. You will never complain about the quality as we have worked hard and provide selected and premium quality.


Our products are available at affordable prices. Our unique quality and competitive price make us stand out.

Customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is the backbone of a successful business. Likely our devotion and tireless work make us always live up to our customers’ expectations. So, contact Anamta Internationals LLC FZ if you want various supplies according to your needs.

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