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Accentuate your entrance with a superior-quality Aluminium entrance mat

Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Multi Storey Buildings: all need an elegant entrance, with multipurpose; beauty and to capture moisture and dirt.

MADE IN UAE: Aluminium Entrance Mat

We offer comprehensive range of entrance mat, Aluminium Recessed type with 100% Neoprene and PVC Wipers insert, carefully designed to suit the premium applications – Excellent in Dust Trapping, safety to students and a very cool aesthetic look to the schools, colleges and offices entrances. It is wheelchair friendly and comes with up to 5 years limited warranty.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is a prime factor to be considered in schools. Dust at school entrances causes a major problem. It may cause significant and harmful health effects. Outdoor dust is transported through students’ shoes. It is further resuspended and finally inhaled by students. It is highly recommended to use Anamta Aluminium Entrance Mat at the entrance of Schools/Colleges from the sports filed.

So, if you are in search of top-quality it then, you can get Entrance Mat which is Customised in UAE. We provide the best quality products that meet your expectations.

How does the entrance mat assist in making your place clean?

The main purpose behind keeping the entrance mat at the entrance is that the people from outside directly enter inside the room carrying dirt in their footwear. This makes the room dirty as well as harmful for the kids who crawl because they pick up the objects from the floor and start licking them. So, one must be very careful in this regard.

This also shows that you are aware of the aftereffects of not keeping the entrance mat.

As you know there are multiple benefits of keeping it as it stops people from falling. You might have seen that due to regular walking the area becomes slippery so if you keep a jute entrance mat at the entrance then definitely you won't fall. The most important thing is that you will get an Entrance Mat in a customized way in UAE that matches your needs.

We supply quality products

Our prime concern is the satisfaction of the customers so that they may trust and come to us again and again. This is the reason behind our success as we are considered one of the dependable suppliers of top-quality products and services across the UAE.

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